Ate Rica’s Bacsi experience is centered on delivering outstanding products.We offer fresh ingredients combined to deliver a unique ‘silog’ experience you can’t find anywhere else. Our menu also allows for a variety of choices for your discriminating palate:


Silog – our signature silog comes with rice, sunny side up egg, our specially concocted sauce, and a choice of the following: 


Bacon (BacSiLog)Tapa (TapSiLog)

Tocino (ToSiLog)Hotdog (HotSiLog)

Corned Beef (CornSiLog)Tuna (TunaSiLog)

Footlong Dog (FootSiLog) Chicken Nuggets (NuggetSiLog)


Combo – if you’re the type who’s not contented with one, try a combination of two from the silog choices!


Omelette – enjoy the freshest eggs beaten to perfection and made more exciting with any of the choicest ingredients that also go with our silog!

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